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Year 8

Welcome to Year 8 at Applemore. We are a large year group with a huge amount of ambition.

Our personal ethos as a year group is centred around three qualities:

  • Learning from mistakes
  • Support
  • Respect

It takes only a second to make a mistake. Learning from our mistakes is so important and trying to put them right. We acknowledge that as a year group, everyone will make a mistake at some point, staff and pupils, but it's important we learn from that situation, so it doesn’t happen again and allows us to grow as a person.

Having Support in school is vital to success. Support comes in many ways from teachers, from support staff and our peers. As a year group, we pride ourselves on supporting each other, be that academically or socially, it's important that everyone in the year group has a person to turn to.

A level of respect is important to being a successful person in school and beyond. In year 8, we work extremely hard to ensure that we are showing a basic level of respect to all other students, school staff and visitors on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be hard to show respect when we feel that we are not being show it in return. However, working towards ensuring everybody acts towards others in a way we would expect our students to act, creates a positive environment.