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Year 10


Welcome to Year 10 at Applemore.

We have now begun our journey, entering the first year of our GCSE options.

This crucial time in our school career will lead us into post 16 education. Alongside our studies, we will start to focus on careers - undertaking work experience, visiting colleges and considering our potential pathways into further education or apprenticeships.

Our ethos as a year group is focussed around three core values:


It is imperative that students are able to recognise the need for responsibility during Key Stage 4. Through a carefully considered pastoral programme, we will ensure that students are provided with the guidance to take ownership of their approach to learning and have the necessary tools to navigate Year 10 successfully.


Being able to reflect on all aspects of their school life is something that will benefit students hugely. Having the opportunity to reflect on their learning, ensuring it is fully understood and embedded will lead to undertaking exams with confidence and clarity. Recognising how things could be adapted or done differently to ensure success – from homework, studying outside the classroom, revision techniques and exam practice - plays an important role in managing time effectively.


At Applemore we are ambitious for all. I want all students to have the aspiration to follow their dreams and go on to study and work in a field they are truly passionate about. We aim to provide students with the belief that they can achieve their aims and will support them fully in realising their goals.