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The Applemore House System

Our House System was born out of a desire to reward our students for their achievements in all areas of the College, as well as to introduce a greater sense of belonging to our community in a way that spanned all year groups and interests.

The Houses have become embedded in daily life here at Applemore, but we never forget where the names came from and what they represent. We believe that being ‘Ambitious for All’ reflects the spirit of our local past and shows our determined approach to success, sometimes through adversity, but always echoing the spirit of achieving all that is humanly possible! The House system is now an established, vibrant and thriving part of College life.

Our House System provides a range of challenges, activities and rewards that stretch across all subject areas, as well as including the broad range of individual talents and skills that our students bring with them. It is the perfect platform to try something new, share a skill or talent with others or develop in any area where confidence lacks with the support of fellow House members and staff. Staff are in Houses too and join in with the students as fellow competitors whilst maintaining their position as superb role models and mentors.

Each House adopts a charity to support need in our own local community. The House Captains and Vice Captains plan and organise regular fundraising activities and are proud of the success of these events.

Our House System is fluid and constantly evolving, which means that it is extremely successful in motivating our students on a daily basis. It allows personal growth in terms of the opportunities to become a Captain or a Vice-Captain with responsibilities in leadership, it allows healthy competition whilst teaching the art of being both a winner and a runner-up and it demonstrates that reward, positivity and support far out-weigh giving up in tough times encouraging resilience and stamina.

We look forward to welcoming new students in to our House System and watching them grow and develop into confident and successful young adults.