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Teaching Staff

 Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Headteacher Ms C Williams
Acting Deputy Headteacher Mr R Poole
Assistant Headteacher Ms B Jolly
Assistant Headteacher Mr S Gaunt

Senior Leaders

Community & Primary

Mr P Saunders

Attendance and  Student Support Mr J Kemp

Heads of Year

Year 7

Mr R Purdy

Year 8 Mr C Lopez
Year 9 Mr J Salzman
Year 10 Mr S Trueick
Year 11 Miss P Smith
All Years Mrs M Brearley (Assistant Head of Year)

Curriculum Departments


Mrs J Whitaker*

Miss F Dunne

Mrs C Goldhawk

Mrs H Lowe

Ms E Papachristu

Mrs M Scudder


Mr J Byrne*

Mrs L Godfrey

Mr C Lopez

Miss M Markham-Smith

Mr R Purdy

Ms B Wills


Mrs J Sinclair*

Mr C Brown

Mr D Mitchell

Miss L Parvin


Mr J Kemp*

Mr P Benson

Mr S Trueick

Creative & Performing Arts (Art/Music/Drama/Photography)

Mrs C Allen* (Drama)

Mr M Wheatley* (Art and Photography)

Mrs B Curran-Garfirth (Art)

Mr A Wickens* (Music)

Design & Technology (D&T)

Mr S Mainstone*
Mrs S Ballard

Mrs C Hall
Mr M Wheatley

Humanities (Geography/History/Religious Studies)

Mr P Saunders*

Mr R Hunt

Miss H Keens

Miss P Smith

Mr A Woods

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Mrs E Collison*
Mrs J Weller
Physical Education (PE)

Miss L Perkis*

Miss R Arnold
Mr S Trueick

Personal Development Miss N Dossitt
SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Mr R Poole*

Mr A Smart

Designated Teacher

Mrs H Lowe

*Head of Department