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Support Staff


Mrs A Adams

Headteacher's PA Mrs B Ashley
Admin Support Team

Mrs S Davison (Admin Assistant / Receptionist)

Mrs H Hall (Admin Assistant / Receptionist)

Mrs C Newman (Finance Assistant)

School Nurse Mrs T Orwin
Canteen Manager Mrs L Keywood (HC3S)
Careers Guidance Mr I Sanyer (EBP South)

Examinations Officer and Data Manager

Assistant Examinations Officer

Mrs B Chawdhery

Mrs J GIbbs

Enhancement Hub Lead Mrs C Passmore
Extended Schools Coordinator Mr S Whitehorn
IT Support

Mr G Knight (Verstech Ltd)

Learning Resource Centre Manager (Library) Mrs A Wooldridge
Cover Supervisor

Mrs L Gray

Site Team

Mr F Guimaraes (Site Manager)

Mrs C Duell (Site Supervisor)

Mr M Mills (Technical Support and Site Assistant)

Student Support Team

Miss N Dossitt (Behaviour, DDSL)

Mrs S Page (Mental Health & Wellbeing)

Mrs K Lancaster (DDSL)

Support for Learning

Miss W Allen

Miss L Ashley

Mrs H Belfield

Mrs W Cargill

Mrs K Charrett

Mrs K Egan (SEN Admin Assistant)

Mrs S Gooding

Mrs R Holcroft

Mrs S Mayhew

Mrs H Moore

Mrs S Page

Miss S Turner


Mrs K Bruce (Food & Nutrition)

Mr T Debell (Design Technology)

Miss J Gregory (Science)

Mrs G Lewis (Science)