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The Science Department at Applemore College is both dynamic and enthusiastic, we offer inspiring learning through a broad range of teaching methods and a diverse curriculum.

We have a range of facilitates ranging from specialist classrooms to the wider outdoors and our eco projects, these allowing our students to fully immerse themselves within the subject, developing an understanding but also an opportunity to directly apply their knowledge.

Applemore is fortunate to hold excellent community and business links.  The Science Department has partnership projects with a range of organisations including the Lifelab in conjunction with Southampton University and our successful STEM Challenge days held in partnership with Exxon Mobil.  Exxon Mobil also provide additional sponsorship, funding and opportunities for students to see Science in action.

The Science Department is proactive in developing students to become ambitious learners and continually supports and encourages students to strive for more.  As part of our commitment to this, the Applemore Science Department regularly takes part in national projects and competitions.

Additionally, the Science Department also holds some excellent links with organisations such as the Institute of Physics enabling us to further challenge our most able students with the latest and most exciting concepts often by participating in programmes of research.

The teaching staff have a passion for Science and an overwhelming desire to share their knowledge with the future generations of Scientists.  We are very proud to see so many of them go on to take a range of Sciences at A level and beyond.