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"Safeguarding is a high priority within the school and there is an established culture of keeping pupils safe"                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     OFSTED 2017


Everyone who comes into contact with our students and their families has a role to play in safeguarding and we continue to strive to establish an ethos and culture based on mutual respect and acceptance of differences, where safeguarding is everyone’s business and everyone’s responsibility. We believe that in order for our students to achieve their best we must ensure that they are safe and that they feel safe.

Through our PDL, Citizenship and Philosophy and Ethics programmes and the social, moral, spiritual and cultural opportunities provided for our students we contribute to the promotion of British values and fulfil our duty to PREVENT them from being influenced by radicals and extremists.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Alan Chipping

All members of the Student Support Team are also trained to a high level in safeguarding issues and as Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads they liaise closely with key agencies to promote the welfare of our children and protect them from harm.

The team members are:

Heidi Kavanagh - Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

Emma Diamond - Education Welfare (Attendance)

Katy Lancaster -  Student Support

Nikki Dossitt - Student Support

As part of the Personal Development Learning programme  at Applemore we teach our students to keep themselves safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety.  Some of the topics covered throughout the five year programme include sex and relationships education; drugs, smoking and alcohol; online safety; bullying and cyber bullying; risk taking; resilience; body image; managing stress and anxiety; positive and negative relationships; sexual exploitation and gaming addiction.

In line with our Anti-Bullying Policy we seek to protect our students from bullying, racist abuse and discrimination and to promote positive behaviour. We are a ‘telling’ school and we encourage our students to speak out if they are, or see anyone else being, treated unfairly.

Our Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Policy can be found below: