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Department Staff

Mr A Wickens
(Head of Music)


Music at Applemore aims to produce creative, self-assured, ambitious students by challenging them in class through a practical exploration of performance, composition and production. Students will develop their listening and analytical skills to be able to identify key features (DR SMITH) of music and playing styles, giving them transferable skills to focus and analyse specific features. Their performance skills will flourish through a safe and constructive learning environment, building their confidence in the face of any challenge in life. Production and composition skills will grow as students explore and create music from a variety of genres, artists and composers. 

Becoming awesome at Applemore advances student’s knowledge of skills and styles whilst promoting positive attitudes, including self-control, time management, self-direction and communication. The ability to work together in groups or focus individually play a key part in Music. Through playing, producing and composing, we provide opportunities for students to explore their emotional literacy. Students will have a passion for learning and will have grown to become confident and expressive musicians. 



See Attached PDF information below for each year group.


  • Instrumental Lessons

Applemore have partnered with Totally RAD to launch Instrumental Lessons within school. Students now have the opportunity to develop their musicianship further by taking small group or individual lessons on a specific instrument. So far, we have Vocal, Drums, Guitar, Trombone and Piano lessons, though we are looking to expand our offer. 


  • Concerts and Musicals

Every year we hold multiple concerts throughout the year, starting with a Year 7 concert at the end of the first term involving an all year 7 choir. Swiftly followed by the Christmas Concert where we celebrate Christmas in an Applemore fashion.

Our Musical this year is The Addams Family, a humorous and fun for all the family performance. The performance dates are 23rd, 24th and 25th January. We rehearse three times a week in preparation with lots of singing, dancing, acting and, most importantly, laughing. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Our singing competition "Can Applemore Sing" comes next in April in support of the Africa Trip.

We end the year in the Summer Term with a Summer Showcase of the Creative Arts, celebrating the year gone and the progress our students have made.