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Department Staff

Mr A Wickens
(Head of Music)

Key Stage 3 (Topics)

Year 7
  • Logic Pro Dimensions
  • Christmas
  • Just Play 'Stay with Me'
  • Theme and Variations
  • Just Play
Year 8
  • The Blues
  • Hooks, riffs and the Baroque
  • Songwriting
  • Just play
Year 9
  • Band instrumental work - Clocks
  • Just Play
  • Stormzy vs. Mozart

Key Stage 4 (Topics)

Courses & Assessment Methods

Level 2 Certificate in Performance for Music Practitioners


Level 2 Certificate in Technology for Music Practitioners


Year 10
  • Music research in to specific musical genres
  • Song analysis
  • Instrumental or vocal skills development
  • Live music performance and organisation/preparation
  • Music research in to specific musical genres
  • Song analysis
  • Using a digital audio workstation
  • Music sequencing and production
Year 11
  • Module 201ta – Musical knowledge controlled assessment
  • Module 204ta – Instrumental skills controlled assessment
  • Module 202ta – Live music performance controlled assessment
  • Module 201ta – Musical knowledge controlled assessment
  • Module 207ta – Using a DAW controlled assessment
  • Module 203ta – Music sequencing and production controlled assessment

Curriculum Accessibility

Provision for SEND students
  • Alternatie methods of recording research and work through video, vlogs or blogs
  • Personalised choice of subject content for controlled assessments and no exam


  • Various music clubs and workshops both instrumental and vocal throughout the school year as well opportunities to perform in concerts
  • Trips to see live music and musical productions
  • Music practitioner, KS4 course, support after school.
  • Christmas and summer concerts
  • RSL music public performances
  • Opportunities to perform outside of school, in the local community.


  • AppleLink

Future Pathways

Further Education
  • RSL level 3 certificate in Performance or Technology
  • RSL level 3 certificate in Performing Arts
  • AS/A level Music or Music Technology
Career and Progression
  • University
  • Performing Arts college
  • Recording studio technician/producer
  • Employment (composer, performer, studio production, composer of music for computer games or films, teacher)


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