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Department Staff

Mr P Saunders
(Head of Humanities)
Mr A Woods
Miss H Keens
Miss P Smith
Mr R Hunt
Mr R Poole

Key Stage 3 (Topics)

  Geography History Religious Education
Year 7
  • Where in the World?
  • Local investigations
  • Changing settlements
  • Investigating maps
  • The ground we stand on!
  • Why is the Earth so restless?
  • Our Island Story
  • Saxons
  • Norman Conquest
  • Trade and Towns rebellions
  • African Kingdoms
  • China
  • What is RE all about?
  • What’s the point of Church?
  • Shipwrecked on the Island
  • Jesus Christ: Villain or Superhero?
  • Do animals have feeling?
  • What’s going on in Israel?
Year 8
  • What’s the weather?
  • The Development gap
  • Life with rivers
  • Investigating Asia
  • Ecosystems of the World
  • Ever-changing coastlines
  • A time of Revolutions
  • English Civil War
  • Industrial revolution & Transatlantic slave trade
  • The Impact of the American Civil War
  • Impact of the French Revolution on Britain
  • Looking through the eyes of a Buddhist
  • Can Religion Kill
  • Investigating Islam
Year 9
  • Resource Management
  • Global Systems
  • African Adventures
  • Economic & Sustainability
  • Food & Water
  • Geography Adventure
  • How have new ideas threatened world peace?
  • Nationalism & WW1
  • Russian Revolutions
  • Rise of capitalism in the USA
  • Nationalism & WW2
  • Holocaust
  • The Cold War
  • Relations & Families
  • War & conflict

Both topics with a focus of non-religious viewpoints, Buddhism & Christianity teachings

Key Stage 4 (Topics)

Courses & Assessment Methods

GCSE Geography
(Edexcel - Spec B)

x3 Exam Papers
(1-hr 30mins each paper)

GCSE History

x2 Exam Papers
(2-hrs each paper)

GCSE Religious Studies
(Short Course)

x1 Exam Paper
(1hr 45mins)

Year 10
  • Challenges of Urbanising world
  • Consuming energy resources
  • Forests under threat
  • UK’s Physical landscape
  • Power & People
  • Elizabethan England
  • Practices and beliefs of Buddhism
  • Practices and beliefs of Christianity
Year 11
  • UK’s Human landscape
  • Development Dynamics
  • Hazardous Earth
  • Geographical Investigations
  • WWI/WWII: The Inter-War Years
  • Germany: Democracy & dictatorship
  • Animal Rights
  • Euthanasia
  • Human ethics

Curriculum Accessibility

Provision for SEND students
  • Alternative ways of recording
  • Dyslexia friendly environments/resources
  • Use of Teaching assistants
  • Constructive group work
  • Discussions based learning opportunities


  • GCSE Humanities Support Club


  • School based fieldwork in KS3/Off site fieldwork KS4
  • Norfolk (KS3)
  • London (KS4)


  • Tower of London (Year 7)
  • Ironbridge (Year 8)
  • Hardwick Hall (Year 10)

Religious Education

  • Places of worship (KS3)


  • AppleLink
  • Office 365 (

Future Pathways

Further Education
  • A Levels course in Humanities, History, Geography or Religious Education
Career and Progression
  • University
  • Employment (Civil servant/Journalism/Archaeologist/Policy Officer/Politics/Climate Scientist/Geographic Information Systems


Throughout the Humanities Department we encourage every student to love what they have learnt and relate this learning to real life. 

Our outstanding, specialist subject teachers deliver dynamic lessons that will inspire students to learn an all-encompassing curriculum within Geography, History and Religious Education. 

Staff enthuse their passion for Humanities within every lesson, thus nurturing the same love of the subject within our students. 

Humanities is crucial in enabling students to understand how they relate to the world around them.  As they grow in confidence and progress through the years, we witness individual growth that leads to aspiring, challenging and creative young minds.