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Catch-Up Funding

The school receives extra funding for the school which is focused on a number of strategies. One strategy is to support Year 7 literacy and numeracy. Another is to provide coronavirus catchup.

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catchup

At the beginning of year 7, all students undergo an extensive set of tests (CATs). This is compared to the information we receive from our primary schools and used to identify students who need support with literacy and maths. Students requiring a high level of support are invited to join the 'Springboard' group. There is a school-wide literacy strategy which includes 'Accelerated Reader' to support students more generally.

Coronavirus Catch-up funding is focused on a range of strategies including extra tuition through the National Tutoring Programme, small group support and extra groups in English and Maths. The school ran an incredibly successful Summer School programme (August 2021) which was available to all new Year 7 students.

The catch-up funding plan is currently under review, however the most recent plan is found below: