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Careers Education & Guidance

We want every student to achieve their personal best and Careers Education and  Guidance has an important part to play in their success by helping them develop confidence in their own abilities and reach their aspirations to become successful citizens in the workplace.

Careers Education and Guidance at Applemore aims to help students to understand the world of learning and work and the range of opportunities available to them. Providing students with information about the skills and qualifications they need to succeed is a key focus of our careers programme, enabling them to make informed choices about their future.  

We embrace the Gatsby Career Benchmarks and through our careers education and guidance programme, we continue to work hard to meet these world-class standards.


Kudos is an on-line careers resource free to all students. We encourage all students to make use of this resource throughout their time at Applemore. Kudos can help your child identify their skills and strengths and by personalising their profile with details about their interests and personal qualities the system will generate job suggestions for your child to explore. Your child will then be able to map a pathway to their dream job. See for further details. Kudos is accessible anytime on computers and compatible devices. Your child will be given log in details to access this resource.



Apprenticeships offer the chance to earn a wage whilst learning. An apprenticeship combines practical training in a job alongside study. You will mainly train in the workplace but may also attend college or a specialist training provider as part of your apprenticeship standard. As an apprentice you will be employed from day one, in a job aligned to your study.  Apprentices are entitled to the apprentice rate if they’re either:

•           aged under 19

•           aged 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship

The current apprentice rate is £3.70 per hour it should be noted that quite a few employers pay above this hourly rate.  Further details around the national minimum hourly rate and the national living wage can be found at

Apprenticeships are now available in most industry sectors:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal care including land-based industries.
  • Beauty and Wellbeing, Sports and Fitness.
  • Creative, Arts, Media and Publishing.
  • Business and IT, Finance, Administration and Law.
  • Construction, Planning and The Built Environment.
  • Education & Training.
  • Engineering, Electrical & Manufacturing Technologies.
  • Health, Public Services and Care.
  • Energy, Marine, Vehicles and Transport.
  • Hospitality, Leisure, Travel & Tourism.
  • Customer Service, Retail and Commercial Enterprise.
  • Charity and Volunteering.

Further details of all the apprenticeships offered in these industries can be found at

Please also see the Apprenticeship information attached below for lots of information.