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Careers: Information for Students

Student Careers Advice

Your teachers will work with you to help you develop the skills you need for life and employment. You will receive information about placements and work opportunities and will meet people from the world of work who could help you to acquire the skills needed to be successful in work.

If you are wondering what you can do to improve your chances of being employable when you leave school here are some ideas:

If you want to know how to start deciding what to aim for in your career or working life, try doing the personality and skills quizzes on your UNIFROG account.

Have you thought about your next steps? College? Apprenticeship? T-Levels? University?

What are my options?

College& 6th Form

  • Visit as many places as possible.
  • Consider whether you want to do a vocational course, T Levels or A Levels.
  • Find out what level of qualification you are working at currently.
  • Find out how vocational courses differ from academic courses.
  • Does the college / sixth form do T levels? Are these more suitable for you?
  • Look at different subjects that may not have been available at school.
  • If you have career ideas, see how they fit with your course/subjects.


  • Use to research and see what vacancies are available. You can set your own account up to get vacancy alerts and to monitor your progress.
  • Make sure you know what career area you want an apprenticeship in, i.e. hair & beauty, construction, hospitality & catering etc.
  • Have a back-up plan – apprenticeships are available but not all applicants get offered a place. You may be required to find your own employer.

Employment with Accredited Training

  • Check your local newspaper weekly and use the list of job search websites that your career adviser can give you. Remember to read the monthly Careers Newsletter for updates.
  • Ask family and friends about vacancies/employers.
  • Make sure you have a CV.
  • If you can’t find the type of work you are looking for, consider agency work.


  • A traineeship is a scheme designed for people who may be looking for an apprenticeship vacancy or who feel that they do not yet have the skills and experience to start either an apprenticeship or employment with training.
  • Note that you will not earn a salary from this scheme; check with the training company if there will be support for travel costs. This way, you are not committed to starting something somewhere you may not be able to afford to get to.
  • Think about the sector that you would like to have experience in - remember that this is your chance to try things and experience new career options.
  • Note: These are only available in a limited number of sectors

We will cover all these things in school, but if you want more help answering these questions and deciding what you want to do, please talk to your tutor or Head of Year or see our careers advisers:

Applemore Careers Lead:
EBP Independent Careers Adviser: