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About Us


Applemore College, a school where;

  • Students are proud of their own and others’ achievements
  • Students are responsible for their own behaviour
  • A learning culture is respected
  • Everyone is known and valued
  • High aspirations are encouraged
  • Students achieve their personal best


A core value is a central belief that is understood and shared by every member of the College community. We believe in commitment, responsibility, respect and excellence;

By commitment we mean students;

  • demonstrate loyalty to their friends, peers and to the College
  • are willing to support and care for others
  • achieve their personal best
  • abide by the College rules

By responsibility we mean students;

  • take ownership of their learning behaviour
  • contribute positively to the learning of others
  • improve their self-confidence through participation
  • consider their own strengths and set personal goals for improvement

By respect we mean students;

  • take pride in themselves, in their appearance and in their work
  • value all members of the College community
  • display good manners at all times
  • show tolerance towards different beliefs and points of view
  • value the College environment

By excellence we mean students;

  • produce their personal best
  • have high aspirations
  • set challenging personal goals for improvement