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Walk in the Woods - Operation Bletchley: Cairo

This year, as part of our Enrichment Week we are once again running Walk in the Woods for years 8, 9 and 10.

To make it (even) more exciting we are hoping to complete the Operation Bletchley - Cairo Codebreaking Challenge by completing the walks and solving the cyphers.

Year 8 completed the walk on Thursday, and they were all fantastic - well done to the year 8 students for walking almost 8 miles. So two codes were released to us. We have attached them below. Please feel free to have a go and let me know your answers .

Year 10 completed the 10-mile walk on Monday in the scorching heat. Well done Year 10. So 3 more cyphers now unlocked. Just three more to go.

Year 9 have now completed their 8-mile walk in, once again, extreme heat. Well done year 9. 3 more cyphers released. In fact, we have now walked thirty miles and released all ten cyphers which are attached below.

Remember there will be a certificate and prize in September for any student who gets the 10 cyphers and then the final cypher correct.

Through this activity we are supporting the ABF The Army's National Charity. We need to walk thirty miles (over the three days) so ten miles a day and solve 10 cyphers at the same time.  If you would like to support this amazing cause here is the link to our fundraising page: