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Noadswood and Applemore Free Virtual Collaborative Learning Event Thursday 10th December: How to Support and Sustain a Positive Mindset

"Students who are deliberately trained to set good targets for themselves, not be afraid of hard work, be well organised and methodical, and have effective and varied study-habits, do better in their exams. And they are better prepared for learning beyond school. The GCSE Mindset tells us that even in the GCSE years it is not too late, or too difficult, to work on these habits.”

Professor Guy Claxton, author of The Learning Power Approach: Teaching Learners to Teach Themselves. 

There is a growing body of research that suggests successful pupils approach their studies with a specific set of behaviours, skills and attitudes.  In short, academic success can be as much about character as it is about intelligence. We have been working alongside six other local schools to help best prepare our key stage four students for their exams using the positive mindset model of VESPA. 

 V = Vision. How well do our pupils know what they want to achieve?  

E = Effort. How many hours of independent work do they do per week?  

S = Systems. How do they organise their learning and time?  

P = Practice. What kind of work do they do to practice their skills?  

A = Attitude. How do they respond to setbacks?  


I am delighted to write to you to invite you to a free virtual VESPA Parent Learning Event on Thursday 10th December 7-8 pm that is open to both Noadswood and Applemore families. Students within both schools have been following the VESPA program and this session has been designed to support and further embed this work.  The session itself will led by the co-author of the GCSE Mindset, Steve Oakes. Within this session Steve will be exploring the research underpinning VESPA and how we can, together, use this to best help support your child with their studies. There will also be the opportunity to ask him questions afterwards with lots of take home strategies.  Independent learning and the principles underpinning VESPA are incredibly important at all times but particularly in our current C-19 climate and so we would like to extend this invitation to all parents/carers from any year group.  

To join this event please ensure you have downloaded Microsoft teams and follow the link below:


Teams Link


We really look forward to 'seeing' families from across both school communities on Thursday evening. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.