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IronBridge Visit

The motto of the Humanities Department is ‘learn it, love it, live it”. 

This autumn Year 7 and Year 8 students had the opportunity to participate in site visits to The Tower of London and to Ironbridge in Shropshire, respectively in support of their study of KS3 History units.  Following Ferny Crofts, this was the first big adventure for Year 7, many of whom had not previously visited London.  A number of students completed a project on their day out highlighting the White Tower, the Crown Jewels and the infamous ravens. 

Ironbridge was further afield and a much longer day out.  In spite of the very early start, the enthusiasm from Year 8 was clear.  They exchanged their money into pre-decimal coinage and explored the Victorian living museum with its shops, seaside amusements and industrial heritage.  A costumed guide offered an absorbing account of daily life at the Victorian school. 

Next term we are off to Derbyshire to study Hardwick Hall and more locally to Southampton in support of the unit on Medieval towns.